What is a domain name? OR Why do I need to register a domain name?

A domain name tells people (and the Device they use on web) how to find your homepage on the Internet. When you choose a web address or a domain name for your business you actually put up your business online and make your business accessible to millions of customers all over the world.

Your customers use your domain name (www.yourdomain.com) to find your business online, order your products or services or contact you, which means more business. And you send and receive messages from the email business solutions package linked to your domain name.

A domain name can be up to 67 characters long -- including the 4 characters used to identify the Top Level Domain (.NET, .COM, .ORG, or .EDU). Do not type the www. before your domain name when registering.

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After you register your domain, you must find a web hosting company or Internet Service Provider to host your website for you. If you already have a website hosted by an ISP, you can easily set your domain to point to your ISP's DNS so that your existing website will appear when visitors go to your new domain name.


What is website hosting ?

Web Hosting is a flexible hosting platform that matches performance with demand. If your site's traffic spikes, Web Hosting responds by allocating more resources and keeping your site live. If your site starts small, but is growing, Web Hosting grows with it so you don't have to manually upgrade and experience any unnecessary downtime.

Web Hosting "pools" the resources of many servers and your site's content resides on multiple servers. This networked system helps achieve a high reliability—beyond 99.9%—for your website because if one server shuts down, only a fraction of the total resources are lost.

Web Hosting has resources in reserve which are always available to allocate when necessary.

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